Favorite Omnivore Dishes In Indian Restaurants

12 Jul

Food is healing, especially when one is very hungry. Everyone has the option of cooking their favorite meals at home and enjoying it. Unfortunately, not everyone can make a delicious meal. When you yearn for a certain meal that you cannot make at home, it is recommended that you walk into a restaurant that serves that particular meal. There are so many restaurants near you. There are specific ones that only cater to the needs of a certain ethnic group. For instance, Indian restaurants only cater to the needs of Indians, although other dishes can be enjoyed by all. These restaurants provide meals for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. Depending on where you fall, these restaurants got you covered. For omnivores, certain delicacies can be enjoyed in these places. The following are some of them. Learn more...

First of all, you will get fish Tikka. So many people like fish because it is not only tasty but also very nutritious. There are so many recipes for making fish, and one of them is Tikka. In the Indian restaurants, the fish Tikka is prepared by Indian spices. The fish is first marinated in plain yogurt together with the spices. It is always served in onions and peppers. So many people like this fish and therefore it is selling in most of the restaurants. The other delicacy for omnivores that you can find in the Indian restaurants is chicken Tikka Pakora. This type of chicken is prepared with spices like chicken pea, flour, garlic, and ginger together with other Indian spices. The choice of spice is determined by the chef in the kitchen. However, what customers like is what is often used. Therefore, when you crave for Chicken Tikka Pakora, you know where to stop. 

The other thing that you should note down is the Paneer Tacos. The Paneer Tacos is the main Marigold Maison dish that most people like a lot. It is often accompanied by pasta although some prefer to partake it as it is. Classic lamb curry is another nice meal for individuals who like meat. This type of food is prepared by a mixture of spices. The commonly used ones include onion puree, tomatoes, garam masala, and other Indian spices. All of them are blended to obtain a nice paste which is then rubbed on the steak and baked. Other than baking, it can be shallow fried or deep fried depending on what one desires.

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